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What has been improved for these packages? lm-sensors Clean-up correctly after module build with make-kpkg. Fixed in sarge. ipac Added support for negated host ranges (fixes Debian bug #70962). Fixed init script (fixes Debian bug #162649). apache Removed dependency on libdb2-dev in apache-dev. Contains fix for DSA 594-1, DSA 803-1. openssl Recompiled with -m486 on i386 and with -mv8 on sparc. Much faster. Contains fixes for DSA 603-1. j2se1.3-i386 j2se1.3-sparc The blackdown.org packages handle the various java alternatives very badly. These packages fix the problem. j2se-common Blackdown.org pulled the woody packages. But this package is required by the j2se1.3-* packages. ucd-snmp The woody package do not report the number of processes correctly on the sparc architecture. This has been fixed sarge with net-snmp 5.x. cdrtools Woody packages (including the one in backported-from-sarge) have a bug with multi-session. See Debian bug #219215. perl Perl 5.6.x has a bug in CGI.pm where unitialized variables are used when processing these kind of URLs: http://xxx.com/foo?key=arg1;&key2=arg2 This problem does not exist for perl 5.8.x (in sarge). Contains fixes from DSA 431-1 and DSA 431-2. nfs-utils The latest sarge nfs-utils still contains the DOS issue highlighted in DSA 606-1. This version (for woody, will build and install on sarge) contains fixes for DSA 606-1.
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