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Why getting these packages from the sarge distribution? acroread Linked against a buggy (double-free) zlib, it has been dropped from woody. It's still useful. bbdb Woody only contains 2.34.cvs20020418-2, and I wanted at least 2.34.cvs20020418-3, which contains bbdb-pilot-jwz.el. doc-rfc Package has been removed from woody because of some minor licensing issues. The thought police stroke again! realplayer Was removed from woody for unknown reasons. jpilot-mail The woody version of these is too old to deal with recent Palm devices. sylpheed-doc We have the latest sylpheed 0.8.1 in the backported-from-sarge section. This is the doc that goes with it. gtkhtml Needed by evolution 1.0.8 (in backported-from-sarge). Contains the fix for DSA 710-1. freetype Needed by ghtkhtml jigdo The woody version cannot build woody CD images. Gah. Must be smart Q&A. Include version is 0.6.8, which can build Debian CD images from (say) http://debian.fifi.org/debian-cd/ . dpatch New sarge package, required for backporting some new packages (eg. cdrecord). dh_kpatches kernel-patch-uml kernel-patch-skas Needed for user-mode-linux with recent kernels. makedev Uml-utilities (in the backported-from-sarge section) requires a newer version of makedev. ucf Clamav (in the backported-from-sarge section) requires a new version of ucf. eximdoc4 Exim4 is in backported-from-sarge. kernel-package User-mode-linux's kernel packages cannot be compiled by woody's kernel-package. tramp Woody's tramp is old and broken. dbs Needed for backporting some packages (eg. man2html). autoconf autoconf2.13 automake1.8 Something more recent than woody...
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