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Using Skype with pulseaudio in Fedora 11 ======================================== Copyright (C) 2009 Philippe Troin <phil A.T fifi D.O.T org> What you need: 1. skype_static- from skype.com (md5: ff41dd31906484863884ee0a7da441c1) 2. These two packages from the F11 repositories: alsa-oss-libs.i586 alsa-oss Get them with: yum install alsa-oss-libs.i586 alsa-oss 3. Now run skype like this: aoss -32 skype There, it works! Even redirecting audio to a bluetooth headset works! If the audio out is crackling, add the following two lines to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf: default-fragments = 20 default-fragment-size-msec = 5 Then restart pulseaudio with: pulseaudio --kill pulseaudio --daemonize Instructions for making a skype rpm (with Desktop icons and all) ================================================================ Download these two files: skype.spec skype.bin from ftp://ftp.fifi.org/pub/phil/skype/ or http://ftp.fifi.org/phil/skype/ Put them along with skype_static- into $RPMDIR/SOURCES, then build the package with: rpmbuild --target i586 --clean $RPMDIR/SOURCES/skype.spec Enjoy! Philippe Troin <phil A.T fifi D.O.T org> --- Updated August 19 2009 with correct package names (alsa-oss, not aoss).
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