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Tdiff is a tool to compare filesystem trees. Compared to diff -r, tdiff is able to report on discrepancies in file ownership, modes, acls, extended attibutes, block size usage and pretty much any other inode attribute you can think of. Tdiff is also hard-link aware and will skip comparing file pairs which it has already seen (in case of hard links or bind mounts). No manpage has been written yet, but here's the command's usage: usage: tdiff [options]... <dir1> <dir2> Standard options: -v --verbose: tell more about inode cached comparisons -V --version: show tdiff version -h --help Switch options: -d --dirs diff directories (reports missing files) -t --type diffs for file type differences (if unset, then size, blocks, major, minor and contents are not checked either) -m --mode diffs file modes (permissions) -o --owner diffs file owner -g --group diffs file groups -z --ctime diffs ctime (inode modification time) -i --mtime diffs mtime (contents modification time) -r --atime diffs atime (access time) -s --size diffs file size (for regular files, symlinks) -b --blocks diffs file blocks (for regular files,symlinks and directories -c --contents diffs file contents (for regular files and symlinks) -n --nlinks diffs the (hard) link count -e --hardlinks diffs the hard link targets -j --major diffs major device numbers (for device files) -k --minor diffs minor device numbers (for device files) -q --xattr diffs file extended attributes -l --acl diffs file ACLs Each of these options can be negated with an uppercase (short option) or with --no-option (eg -M --no-mode for not diffing modes -a --all equivalent to -dtmogsbcnejkql (sets all but times) -A --no-all clears all flags (will not report anything) Miscellania: -x --exec <cmd>; executes <cmd> between files if they are similar (if file sizes are equal) -w --exec-always <cmd>; always executes <cmd> between files <cmd> uses %1 and %2 as file from <dir1> and <dir2> -| --mode-or <bits> applies <bits> OR mode before comparison -& --mode-and <bits> applies <bits> AND mode before comparison -X --exclude <file> omits <file> from report -p --no-mmap do not use mmap() for comparisons (saves on vmem) Changes: - Release 0.2 on January 31 2014.
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