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Why getting these packages from the sarge distribution? pilot-link jpilot gnome-pilot gnome-pilot-conduits The woody packages do not work with recent PDAs. sylpheed Link with the latest pilot-link. evolution gnome-pim Link with the latest gnome-pilot. Contains fix for DSA 673-1 (CAN-2005-0102). conserver The woody package is way too buggy. nfs-utils The woody package does not recover locks on NFS volumes if the server reboots. Fixed in the sarge package. Note: The security issue mentionned in DSA-349 is fixed in 1.0.3-1.99woody1. man2html Woody package is utterly broken (no search, bad HREF links). watchdog The woody package does not close the watchdog properly on stop, causing the machine to reboot, even if the watchdog was stopped cleanly. smake New sarge package, needed for backporting cdrecord. cdrtools Needed for latest CD/CD-RW drives. sane-backends sane-frontends xsane Backported from woody for latest scanner support. Sane-backends contains the security fixes from DSA-379-1. unrar Rar 3.x archives cannot be decompressed by unrar 2.xx and woody only has unrar 2.xx. lvm10 Lvm 1.0.4 as included in woody has a couple of nasty bugs. 1.0.6 from sarge is better. Contains a fix for DSA 583-1. zsh Zsh 4.0.4 has a nasty terminal handling bug (debian bug #183902). checkbot Make it work with ssl (https). Debian Bug #163156. e2fsprogs Make resize2fs update the ctime of inodes which change inode numbers during fs shrinking. Debian Bug #167174. Make badblocks use O_DIRECT when possible to minimize cache trashing. Debian bugs #198006, #203713, #203720. fbset Woody's fbset does not grok devfs. Backported a devfs-enabled fbset. bogofilter A bayesian filter is pretty much needed to read mail these days :-/ cdrdao Was removed from woody aka 3.0r1 because of licensing problems. This version was backported from woody, and the licensing issues are resolved with this release. quota A newer quota is needed to take advantage of the v2 quota (a.k.a. vfsv0 quota to keep things confusing) in the 2.4.22 kernel. uml-utilities Recent uml-utilities are required for recent user mode linux. wu-ftpd Includes the no-REST patch (disallows the REST ftp command). Debian bug #138497. Also includes the security fixes from DSA-357-1, DSA-377-1, DSA-457-1 and DSA-705-1. dump Bugfixes w.r.t. timezone handling and QFA and directory files. iproute Provide htb3 support. bind9 With the latest Verisign abuse (wilcarding all .com and .net domains), a bind9 that enforces delegation-only zones is useful. exim4 Exim in woody is so old... Exim4 is much better. Note that exim4-daemon-heavy is compiled WITHOUT postgresql support. Contains security fixes for DSA-635 and DSA-501. sysvinit Woody's /sbin/init has a race condition. This package uses the woody base package plus the lastest (2.85+) code for /sbin/init. Debian bug #223513. dvd+rw-tools dvdauthor Missing in woody, yet very useful for DVD burners. libxml2 imagemagick Backported for the dvdauthor backport. Contains fixes for DSAs 547, 593, 646 and 702. smartmontools Useful, not in woody. dosfstools Better support for FAT32. scummvm Play those old and fun adventure games! libdaemon ifplugd ifupdown Ifplugd is essential for laptops. It also needs a newer ifupdown. atmelwlandriver For Atmel Wifi cards. util-linux Woody's mount has a problem updating /etc/mtab while doing a lazy umount. Fixed in this version. Contains fix for DSA 823-1. nasm Just need a newer version than woody's to be able to compile transcode 0.6. This backport contains contains the fix described in DSA 623-1. iftop A nifty network monitor. hotplug wireless-tools Needed for prism54 drivers.
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[DIR]dosfstools/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]dump.old/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]dump/2005-12-01 18:47 -
[DIR]dvd+rw-tools/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]dvdauthor/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]e2fsprogs/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]evolution/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]exim4/2005-01-25 15:43 -
[DIR]fbset/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]gnome-pilot-conduits/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]gnome-pilot/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]gnome-pim/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]hotplug/2005-02-17 09:34 -
[DIR]ifplugd/2004-08-28 10:23 -
[DIR]iftop/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]ifupdown/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]imagemagick/2005-04-02 17:09 -
[DIR]iproute/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]jpilot/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]libdaemon/2004-08-28 10:23 -
[DIR]libxml2/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]lvm10/2004-11-07 18:18 -
[DIR]man2html/2019-10-11 19:02 -
[DIR]nasm/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]nfs-utils/2006-04-01 14:03 -
[DIR]pilot-link/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]quota/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]sane-backends/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]sane-frontends/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]scummvm/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]smake/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]smartmontools/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]sylpheed/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]sysvinit/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]uml-utilities/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]unrar/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]util-linux.old/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]util-linux/2005-09-29 12:10 -
[DIR]watchdog/2006-04-01 14:02 -
[DIR]wireless-tools/2009-01-02 19:01 -
[DIR]wu-ftpd/2005-04-04 16:52 -
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